Friday, July 29, 2005

An introduction of sorts

I'm currently reasearching a history of fantasy in children's literature. Why? Quite simply, I'm curious. I read it as a child and still read it in between other novels.

I want to get my hands under the bonnet as 'twere and try to look at the relationships and conversations that lie therein, such as the argument regarding the using literature as a vehicle (allegorical or otherwise) for religious comment that rages between GP Taylor and Philip Pullman. It comfortably stretches back to CS Lewis and George MacDonald. But are these writers simply being bold in their intent? Is the literature a format for this debate and, if yeah or nay, how has it developed?

I'm also very curious about fantasy. Is it a bunch of Hobbit-lovers with little imagination bastardising a genre or are there other things happening therein that most critics and reviewers tend to ignore? No doubt there will be book reviews and random thoughts posted to the blog in due course.


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