Thursday, June 15, 2006


Finished Glasshouse by Charles Stross last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Its intriguing that he has placed the posthuman back into the "Dark Ages" (placed around now) and has come up with the same scenario as we have now. Basic human urges don't change though the form does radically (think multi-armed and changing gender largely on a whim). Couples still come together as best they can. Some are abusive and are correctly censured and punished for doing so. Some folk just rub along before finding out their real identity. Perhaps it is his most human book to date in terms of characters and the polity he creates.

One comes away with the feeling that this is less polemic than Singularity Sky, less rushed certainly. He takes more time to develop the world and the society, twisting the Desperate Housewives scenario ever so sweetly on its head.

More soon.

Glasshouse - Aust Gate

Glasshouse - Amazon UK


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